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Bone Tomahawk

MAY THE LORD HAVE MERCY AND GRANT YOU A SWIFT DEATH. When Arthur O’Dwyer’s (Patrick Wilson) wife is kidnapped by a cannibalistic tribe, he joins sheriff Franklin Hunt (Kurt Russell) and a few other men on a search party, even though he has a broken leg. S. Craig Zahler’s feature debut is a horror-Western that … Continue reading Bone Tomahawk

Alex Cross

DON’T EVER CROSS ALEX CROSS. Detroit cop and psychologist Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is hunting a brazen, sadistic man (Matthew Fox) who has tortured and killed a businesswoman. The third Cross adaptation after two previous Morgan Freeman films is a reboot that pleased nobody. This one makes Cross younger and is a chance for Perry … Continue reading Alex Cross

Lost: Monsters and Hatches and Polar Bears, Oh My!

 In early 2004, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof took the concept for Lost that had been created by Jeffrey Lieber and turned it into something ABC felt comfortable to spend money on. Basic ideas and thoughts for a project that would run four or five seasons were outlined. The pilot became one of the most expensive ever shot … Continue reading Lost: Monsters and Hatches and Polar Bears, Oh My!

Vantage Point

8 STRANGERS. 8 POINTS OF VIEW. 1 TRUTH.  The U.S. President (William Hurt) is shot during an anti-terrorism summit in Salamanca, Spain… but the perspectives of eight different people on the scene reveal a few surprises. Rashomon (1950) is still a reliable concept – every time we see the assassination attempt from a new angle, … Continue reading Vantage Point

Speed Racer

GO. Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is following in the footsteps of his famous brother, a race car driver who was killed on the track, but when a powerful company approaches him with an offer he discovers their dirty secret. I suppose the Wachowski Brothers have a nostalgic relationship to the Japanese original. Their take on it … Continue reading Speed Racer

We Are Marshall

FAR FROM THE ASHES WE ROSE. When the entire college football team of Huntington, West Virginia is killed in a plane crash, the town faces hurdles in their attempt to build a new team. A film based on the inspiring story of how Marshall University found their way back to success on the football field after … Continue reading We Are Marshall

Smokin’ Aces

MAY THE BEST HITMAN WIN. A group of competing hit men try to kill a Las Vegas entertainer (Jeremy Piven) with mob connections before he gets to turn state’s evidence. An entertaining, violent Tarantino knock-off with no original touches. Here’s three details viewers should appreciate, though – Matthew Fox’s well-disguised, amusing cameo as a security … Continue reading Smokin’ Aces