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My Emmy Predictions 2017

Tonight is the Emmys; the clip above from Entertainment Tonight shows Stephen Colbert in promos for the awards show, which will air on CBS. As usual, Emmys were handed out a few nights ago at the Creative Arts show, with Melissa McCarthy winning Comedy Guest Actress for her hilarious work as former White House Press Secretary … Continue reading My Emmy Predictions 2017

Eurovision’s Silliest Acts

We’re one week away from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ignore the dreary semifinals leading up to it) and I feel as conflicted as ever. The shows are simultaneously ridiculous and glorious. The quality is often shoddy, production-wise and musically, and the shows always go on too long. The obvious answer would be to cap … Continue reading Eurovision’s Silliest Acts

Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2017

With an authoritarian man in the White House, it was unavoidable that this year’s Super Bowl ads would be political. There were also plenty of movie and TV trailers, but few of them offered any real surprises; we did learn when the second season of Stranger Things premieres (Halloween), but that was about it.  Let’s take a look … Continue reading Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2017

St. Vincent

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. A boy (Jaeden Lieberher) who’s recently moved to Brooklyn with his mom (Melissa McCarthy) befriends a grumpy, alcoholic Vietnam veteran (Bill Murray). A pleasant indie flick that emphasizes the bonds between various people who are struggling in their community, their relationships constantly being tested. Above all this is a chance for Murray … Continue reading St. Vincent

How Fanboys Ruined Their Own Brand

I saw Ghostbusters today. In an alternate, sane universe the experience wouldn’t have been very special. I gave this remake three stars. It was fun and entertaining but typical of Paul Feig’s filmmaking style; his comedies would be even better if he made them snappier by cutting jokes that don’t work very well. All his films are bloated … Continue reading How Fanboys Ruined Their Own Brand


WHO YOU GONNA CALL? When one of New York City’s oldest buildings appears to be haunted, two parapsychologists jump at the chance to see an actual ghost, and drag a skeptical friend (Kristen Wiig) along. The folks behind the original franchise long tried to get a third movie made, but instead we got a remake … Continue reading Ghostbusters

Central Intelligence

SAVING THE WORLD TAKES A LITTLE HART AND A BIG JOHNSON. Twenty years after graduating from high school, Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) is contacted on Facebook by a guy who was spectacularly humiliated by bullies – and he turns out to have changed a lot. An action-comedy that benefits from Dwayne Johnson’s enthusiastic performance as … Continue reading Central Intelligence

The Heat

GOOD COP. MAD COP. While trying to capture an elusive drug lord, FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is ordered to cooperate with a Boston cop (Melissa McCarthy) who is her opposite in every way. The director of Bridesmaids (2011) reunited with McCarthy for another foul-mouthed (but even funnier) comedy, a classic buddy cop … Continue reading The Heat

The Greatest Hits of 2016

It’s time for that annual list of next year’s highly anticipated Hollywood films. Here’s 2016 for ya. As always, premiere dates may change. JANUARY: * 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi – Michael Bay leaves his robots aside for a while, taking on a politically sensitive subject. Looks far from another Zero Dark Thirty (2012) though. * Kung … Continue reading The Greatest Hits of 2016

Paul Walker is Dead and Schwarzenegger Old – Time to Get Over It

There have been two blockbusters this season where American critics have mystified me. Sure, I didn’t much care for San Andreas, I did love Mad Max: Fury Road, and Jurassic World was disappointing but still worth a look. So, I agreed with most critics. When Spy came I thought some reviewers were a bit overexcited, but I chalked it up to exaggerated … Continue reading Paul Walker is Dead and Schwarzenegger Old – Time to Get Over It

The Greatest Hits of 2014

It’s time for that annual list of this year’s highly anticipated Hollywood films. Here’s 2014 for ya. JANUARY: * Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – This reboot of Tom Clancy’s CIA analyst cum action hero has Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh (who’s also directing), but the trailer disturbingly shows another variation on the Jason Bourne … Continue reading The Greatest Hits of 2014