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Patriots Day

THE INSIDE STORY OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST MANHUNT.  When two bombs go off during the 2013 Boston Marathon, the whole city (including Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg)) become involved in the hunt for the terrorists, two brothers. The third time Peter Berg and Wahlberg collaborate on a reality-based drama about Men Surviving a Crisis … Continue reading Patriots Day

Deepwater Horizon

WHEN FACED WITH OUR DARKEST HOUR, HOPE IS NOT A TACTIC. In 2010, Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) and his crew end up fighting for their lives when an explosion blows through the oil rig Deepwater Horizon, stationed in the Gulf of Mexico. Based on a New York Times article that chronicled the oil rig’s final … Continue reading Deepwater Horizon

Lone Survivor

LIVE TO TELL THE STORY.  In June, 2005, four Navy SEALS are sent on a mission in Afghanistan’s Kunar province to kill a Taliban leader, but everything goes wrong… This fact-based account was made on the cheap, but director Peter Berg nevertheless paints a credible portrait of Navy SEALS and the claustrophobic, desperate battle that … Continue reading Lone Survivor

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

HE’S NOT SELLING OUT, HE’S BUYING IN. In Super Size Me (2004), Morgan Spurlock spent a month eating nothing but McDonald’s food. In this documentary, he’s selling out to any company that’s prepared to invest in his new movie about product placement and advertising in TV shows and films. Spurlock sure likes to subject himself … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


THE BATTLE FOR EARTH BEGINS AT SEA. The international naval exercise RIMPAC turns deadly serious when aliens crash into the Pacific and try to establish a communications base in Hawaii. Director Peter Berg summons his inner Michael Bay for this dumb, loud blockbuster version of the simple board game that is now owned by Hasbro … Continue reading Battleship


THERE ARE HEROES. THERE ARE SUPERHEROES. AND THEN THERE’S HANCOCK. Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), a down-and-out PR man, takes on an alcoholic superhero (Will Smith) who’s in desperate need of improving his standing in the community. Loved the trailer, not so much the movie. It starts amusingly enough with great visual effects, plenty of energy, funny … Continue reading Hancock

Smokin’ Aces

MAY THE BEST HITMAN WIN. A group of competing hit men try to kill a Las Vegas entertainer (Jeremy Piven) with mob connections before he gets to turn state’s evidence. An entertaining, violent Tarantino knock-off with no original touches. Here’s three details viewers should appreciate, though – Matthew Fox’s well-disguised, amusing cameo as a security … Continue reading Smokin’ Aces

Lions for Lambs

IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU MIGHT FALL FOR ANYTHING.  With this film Robert Redford wants to make Americans think harder about the times they live in and what they can do for their country. Parts of the film are structured like a play, with conversations between a Republican senator and a liberal journalist … Continue reading Lions for Lambs

Friday Night Lights

HOPE COMES ALIVE. In 1988, the small town of Odessa, Georgia worships at the altar of the Church of Football as the local high school team faces big hurdles. Peter Berg got his breakthrough as director with this beautifully produced, heartbreakingly realistic (and reality-based) portrayal of the young men and the coach who feel the pressure … Continue reading Friday Night Lights

The Kingdom

UNDER FIRE. UNDER PRESSURE. OUT OF TIME. In the wake of a major terrorist attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with many U.S. casualties, the FBI secretly sends a team headed by Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) to investigate. Director Peter Berg delivers an entertaining thriller (shot in the United Arab Emirates) that feels like an extended, juiced-up episode … Continue reading The Kingdom


IT STARTED LIKE ANY OTHER NIGHT. Los Angeles cab driver Max Durocher (Jamie Foxx) takes a passenger (Tom Cruise) who turns out to be a hit man with a contract on five people; he needs Max to drive him to their locations. Much like the director’s previous thriller Heat (1995), this one also has an … Continue reading Collateral