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X MARKS THE LEGEND. After depicting Allen Ginsberg in Howl (2010), documentary filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman took on another real-life person in fictionalized form, porn star Linda Lovelace, and tell the story of how she broke away from her conservative parents, found a career after making the most famous porn flick in history, … Continue reading Lovelace

The Men Who Stare at Goats

NO GOATS. NO GLORY. After flying to Kuwait to report on the Iraq War, journalist Bob Wilton (Ewan McGregor) meets a retired Army operator (George Clooney) who’s been trained in parapsychological skills. You really want to love this film, but it squanders a good opportunity. Loosely based on an actual military initiative, the script chronicles … Continue reading The Men Who Stare at Goats

Trouble with the Curve

WHATEVER LIFE THROWS AT YOU.  When aging baseball scout Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) gets one last assignment, his estranged hotshot lawyer daughter (Amy Adams) comes along for the ride, hoping to improve their relationship. When his longtime producing partner Robert Lorenz decided to make his directing debut, Eastwood agreed to come out of retirement and … Continue reading Trouble with the Curve

Spy Kids

REAL SPIES… ONLY SMALLER. Two retired spies (Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino), who are now married and raising two kids (Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara), are suddenly called back to action – and the children end up in danger. A surprisingly family-friendly adventure from Robert Rodriguez who gets a lot of help in the charm department by … Continue reading Spy Kids

Gangster Squad

NO NAMES. NO BADGES. NO MERCY. In 1940s Los Angeles, Sergeant John O’Mara (Josh Brolin) is secretly tasked with gathering a small group of men he can trust in an attempt to rid the city of the powerful mobster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). Zombieland (2009) director Ruben Fleischer takes on a different genre, with less … Continue reading Gangster Squad

Safe House

NO ONE IS SAFE. When a CIA safe house in South Africa is attacked, an inexperienced operative (Ryan Reynolds) is forced to flee along with a high-value prisoner (Denzel Washington). Swedish director Daniel Espinosa’s first American feature is a gritty action-thriller about dirty games within the CIA – it will take the length of the film for our hero to … Continue reading Safe House

All the Pretty Horses

SOME PASSIONS CAN NEVER BE TAMED. A few years after the end of World War II, best friends John Grady Cole (Matt Damon) and Lacey Rawlins (Henry Thomas) head to Mexico to work as cowboys. This film was allegedly shot as a huge epic, but director Billy Bob Thornton was forced to make equally huge … Continue reading All the Pretty Horses

We Are Marshall

FAR FROM THE ASHES WE ROSE. When the entire college football team of Huntington, West Virginia is killed in a plane crash, the town faces hurdles in their attempt to build a new team. A film based on the inspiring story of how Marshall University found their way back to success on the football field after … Continue reading We Are Marshall

Terminator 2: Batting For the Other Team

TEN YEARS AGO THE MACHINES WHO RULE THE FUTURE SENT AN UNSTOPPABLE TERMINATOR TO ASSASSINATE THE YET UNBORN JOHN CONNOR. THEY FAILED. IN 1991 THE MACHINES WILL TRY AGAIN. I was certainly part of the target audience for this film at the time of its premiere in 1991. I was 15 and the school was … Continue reading Terminator 2: Batting For the Other Team


THEY WILL MAKE HIM STEAL, BUT HE WILL MAKE THEM PAY.  When his family is taken hostage by Bill Cox (Paul Bettany) and his team, security chief Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) is forced to come up with a way to rob his own bank on their behalf. Director Richard Loncraine reunited with his Wimbledon (2004) … Continue reading Firewall