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Our Souls at Night

When two elderly neighbors (Robert Redford, Jane Fonda) begin to share a bed at night, simply to cure their loneliness, the arrangement doesn’t sit well with everybody in their lives… The director of The Lunchbox (2013) delivers another romantic drama for grownups, one that unites the two stars onscreen for the first time since 1979. … Continue reading Our Souls at Night

The Electric Horseman

Former professional rodeo rider ”Sonny” Steele (Robert Redford) only does PR events nowadays… until he’s fed up, steals a very valuable but mistreated race horse and goes on the lam. Sydney Pollack and Redford reunited for this pleasant romantic comedy after making several movies in the 1970s; Jane Fonda joins them as a reporter looking … Continue reading The Electric Horseman

Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2017

With an authoritarian man in the White House, it was unavoidable that this year’s Super Bowl ads would be political. There were also plenty of movie and TV trailers, but few of them offered any real surprises; we did learn when the second season of Stranger Things premieres (Halloween), but that was about it.  Let’s take a look … Continue reading Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2017

Sundance 2016: Farting Corpses, Slave Rebellions and Sitcom Legends

Before writing this blog entry, I reread the one I wrote last year about Sundance and it struck me how much the festival still matters. Several of the movies I didn’t know about then, but mentioned, have gone on to become widely talked about. Let’s take a look at what transpired during this year’s festival. In … Continue reading Sundance 2016: Farting Corpses, Slave Rebellions and Sitcom Legends

Legal Eagles

TOM LOGAN HAS A LAW PARTNER WHO PUT A DOG ON THE WITNESS STAND. A CLIENT WHO CAN’T ENTER A ROOM WITHOUT A CRIME BEING COMMITTED. AND A CASE THAT COULD TURN OUT TO BE THE MURDER OF THE YEAR. HIS.  When a case where a mysterious woman (Daryl Hannah) stands accused of having stolen … Continue reading Legal Eagles

Trump is So Desperate He’ll Lie About Robert Redford

I read something about Jeb Bush’s first TV ad today and my first thought was “that must be a mistake, there are several Bush ads out there”. I’m such a victim of this media culture now where we think that ads online, be it on YouTube or elsewhere, are all-important. They’re not – old-fashioned TV … Continue reading Trump is So Desperate He’ll Lie About Robert Redford

Sundance 2015: Saoirse, Franco’s Gay Dilemma and the Lucas Circus Movies

This year’s Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah is about to wrap up and the time has come to remember a few highlights. The clip above celebrates some of its participants in slo-mo style courtesy of the New York Times. Saoirse Ronan made quite a splash this year with two films at the festival, Brooklyn … Continue reading Sundance 2015: Saoirse, Franco’s Gay Dilemma and the Lucas Circus Movies

The Sting: Good-Hearted Grifters

… ALL IT TAKES IS A LITTLE CONFIDENCE. One of David S. Ward’s first scripts introduced us to the world of confidence men. Not that they hadn’t been seen on screen before The Sting, but Ward found a new angle. He based his story on two actual grifters called Fred and Charley Gondorf, brothers who … Continue reading The Sting: Good-Hearted Grifters

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

IN HEROES WE TRUST.   Captain America and Black Widow (Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson) are sent on a mission to liberate S.H.I.E.L.D. hostages, but soon find the entire organization threatened from all sides. The filmmakers’ purpose was to fuse a 3D superhero movie with the trappings of 1970s paranoia thrillers, with Robert Redford serving as … Continue reading Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Beyond the Cannes Bubble

This year’s Cannes Film Festival is over and it was certainly a star-studded, glamorous and adventurous event. And it was rainy. But who cared as news stories kept popping up about jewelry thefts that sounded like something straight out of Ocean’s Eleven (1960), commotion that resembled gunfire and had jury member Christoph Waltz whisked away by security … Continue reading Beyond the Cannes Bubble

The Company You Keep

After the arrest of a former Weather Underground activist (Susan Sarandon) who’d been a fugitive for the last 30 years, reporter Ben Shepard (Shia LaBeouf) turns his attention to a seemingly honest Albany lawyer (Robert Redford). The 1970s terror organization is portrayed in rather simple fashion as consisting of essentially decent people who made undeniable … Continue reading The Company You Keep