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Crimson Tide

DANGER RUNS DEEP. Just as the U.S. and Russia are facing the threat of nuclear war, the submarine USS Alabama heads out on a mission with a seasoned commander (Gene Hackman) and a fresh executive officer (Denzel Washington). The most macho submarine thriller you can imagine naturally comes from the director and producer of Top … Continue reading Crimson Tide

Damages: Power and Personal Ruin

When Glenn Kessler, his younger brother Todd and Daniel Zelman got together to create a new legal show, their idea was not to follow the same path as Law & Order or David E. Kelley. There would be no lengthy courtroom showdowns, or any Boston Legal-type comedy stunts. In fact, Damages was serious business and … Continue reading Damages: Power and Personal Ruin

The Lincoln Lawyer

L.A. attorney Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey), who prefers to work out of a Lincoln, is hired to help a young Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillippe) who stands accused of having beaten a prostitute. There haven’t been many screen adaptations of Michael Connelly’s books, but the success of this one may inspire others. The story, that introduces … Continue reading The Lincoln Lawyer


THE BRAVEST PLACE TO STAND IS BY EACH OTHER’S SIDE. A group of Iraq War veterans return to their Texas hometown; when Sergeant Brandon King (Ryan Phillippe) is told that he must go back for another tour of duty, he decides to go AWOL. Every movie about this war has a number of aspects to … Continue reading Stop-Loss

I Know What You Did Last Summer

IF YOU’RE GOING TO BURY THE TRUTH, MAKE SURE IT STAYS BURIED. On graduation night, four high school students accidentally hit a pedestrian with their car; they dump the body into the ocean, but that’s not the last they hear of him. Kevin Williamson made sure to capitalize on his success with Scream (1996) and churned out a … Continue reading I Know What You Did Last Summer

Flags of Our Fathers

A SINGLE SHOT CAN END THE WAR. The story about the U.S. soldiers who raised a flag on Iwo Jima after winning the 1945 battle for the island, and then were immortalized in a photograph that was taken of the event, gets a worthy treatment by director Clint Eastwood. He tells three different stories – … Continue reading Flags of Our Fathers

Playing by Heart

IF ROMANCE IS A MYSTERY, THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO FIGURE IT OUT. Introducing a reasonably impressive and large cast in a story about six individuals in Los Angeles, you kind of get the feeling that director Willard Carroll has a thing for Robert Altman. A lot of talking is required. But that doesn’t automatically … Continue reading Playing by Heart

Crash: Learning Who You Are

YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It begins with Don Cheadle’s character stating the theme of the movie. He talks about how people in a normal city walk and run into each other. Not in L.A. though, because everyone’s hiding behind a shield of metal and glass and there is … Continue reading Crash: Learning Who You Are


TRUST IS NOT AN OPTION.  It shares similarities with The Devil’s Advocate (1997), this story about Milo Hoffmann (Ryan Phillippe), a very clever (and uncharacteristically good-looking) computer geek who is hired by a huge corporation and its boyish, enthusiastic CEO who looks like Bill Gates. But it’s not a serious tale about attempts to monopolize … Continue reading Antitrust