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My Oscar Predictions 2018

After last year’s crazy Oscars show, where the announcement of Best Picture was screwed up because of the wrong envelope, expectations are high for this year. I doubt anything will top that, though, and everybody will work hard to make sure nothing like it ever happens again. Jimmy Kimmel is back as host; he did … Continue reading My Oscar Predictions 2018

Three Billboards: Pain and Redemption

 I had the opportunity to see this film at an early stage; it had been screened only at the film festivals in Venice and Toronto. I enjoyed it very much, but felt a little conflicted afterwards, something that stayed with me over the night and was reflected in a too-hasty original review for this … Continue reading Three Billboards: Pain and Redemption

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

HEROES IN HALF SHELL! After being attacked by a gang of ninjas that are plaguing New York City, reporter April O’Neil (Judith Hoag) is rescued by four mutant ninja turtles intent on destroying the gang and its mysterious leader. A popular adaptation of the 1980s comic book that also borrows ingredients from the 1987-1996 animated … Continue reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowboys & Aliens

FIRST CONTACT. LAST STAND. In 1873, Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) wanders into a small Arizona town, unable to remember what he’s been through… and then aliens attack. There’s nothing wrong with the visual effects or the cast in this spectacular summer blockbuster; Craig is even trying to channel his inner Clint Eastwood. But one has … Continue reading Cowboys & Aliens


A NEW COMEDY ABOUT PEOPLE WHO WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET FAMOUS… OR STAY FAMOUS. After separating, travel journalist Lee Simon (Kenneth Branagh) and his wife (Judy Davis) enter the singles scene, but Lee in particular learns the pitfalls of trying to find happiness. Director Woody Allen satirizes all the absurd aspects of fame, but offers … Continue reading Celebrity

Iron Man 2

Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) is pressured by his own deteriorating health, as well as the emergence of a new supervillain (Mickey Rourke) who teams up with a rival arms dealer (Sam Rockwell). Most critics thought too highly of the original and now they’re underestimating the sequel. Downey, Jr. is still the heart and center of … Continue reading Iron Man 2