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All Roads Lead to Rome

SOMETIMES FIRST LOVE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE… American Maggie Falk (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her teenage daughter Summer (Rosie Day) arrive in Rome on vacation, but Summer is determined to escape back to the U.S. and save her no-good boyfriend from jail. The Swedish director’s first English-language movie is a romantic comedy that typically looks … Continue reading All Roads Lead to Rome

I Don’t Know How She Does It

Boston finance executive Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) is juggling her work and life at home with a husband and two kids; things become even more stressful when she takes charge of a new project involving a Manhattan executive (Pierce Brosnan). This Americanization of a British novel pretends to have witty things to say about … Continue reading I Don’t Know How She Does It

New Year’s Eve

THE ONE NIGHT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Garry Marshall followed up his ensemble piece Valentine’s Day (2010) with a similar film, made to entertain young and old as we contemplate the (romantic?) possibilities of a new year. The cast is full of stars, but focus tends to lie on younger, popular talent. What everybody has in common though … Continue reading New Year’s Eve

The Family Stone

FEEL THE LOVE.   The Stone family is reunited for Christmas in Connecticut; son Everett (Dermot Mulroney) brings his new girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker) who becomes anything but a hit. Director Thomas Bezucha’s second film is reminiscent of many other Christmas movies, but it manages to overcome its predictability and turn into a funny, genuine and … Continue reading The Family Stone

Strangers With Candy

HIGH SCHOOL IS DIFFICULT… FOR A 47-YEAR-OLD EX-CON JUNKIE CRACK WHORE. 47-year-old ex-con Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) promises her comatose dad (Dan Hedaya) to go back to high school. That’s the plot and fans of the original TV show (which ran from 1999-2000) will recognize it. One has to wonder why they didn’t try to … Continue reading Strangers With Candy

The First Wives Club

DON’T GET MAD. GET EVERYTHING. Elise, Annie and Brenda (Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Bette Midler) were best friends in college; after reuniting many years later, they find they’re all divorced and decide to exact revenge on their exes. The 1980s had Fonda, Parton and Tomlin getting even in 9 to 5; the 1990s equivalent is less entertaining. … Continue reading The First Wives Club

Extreme Measures

NOT ALL SURGERY IS INTENDED TO CURE. DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE. Can you afford to have moral standards in the fight against cancer? This thriller shares similarities with Coma (1978) in the way it deals with questions regarding medical ethics. Some critics didn’t think Hugh Grant was right for the part of the curious doctor who discovers … Continue reading Extreme Measures