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The Cabin in the Woods

YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE STORY. A group of college kids head out to an empty cabin in the woods, unaware that something monstrous awaits them… and that it’s manipulated by a mysterious organization. The writers, who have worked on several TV shows, created this piece of horror satire that salutes scary movies, but also … Continue reading The Cabin in the Woods

Crazy on the Outside

HE SURVIVED THREE YEARS OF HARD TIME. NOW COMES A LITTLE FAMILY TIME.  After being released from prison, Thomas Zelda (Tim Allen) moves in with his sister (Sigourney Weaver)… and soon learns that she was lying when she told him that the love of his life is dead. Allen’s directing debut reunites him with several … Continue reading Crazy on the Outside


THERE’S MORE TO THE STORY THAN YOU KNOW. The year after Capote, the drama that followed author Truman Capote’s fascination over the countryside killings that inspired him to write “In Cold Blood”, came this film that is almost as good. Starts out as more of a light comedy as the flamboyant Capote clashes with rural … Continue reading Infamous

Avatar: Bonding With Aliens

  Too many ingredients and aspects of Avatar are too reminiscent of other movies or simply too silly. But here it is in all its glory, trying to meet expectations that have built ever since James Cameron made Titanic (1997). The way technology has been used in the making of the movie has indeed been revolutionary. What audiences will … Continue reading Avatar: Bonding With Aliens


THE FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH WILL BE THE FIGHT OF HIS LIFE. When teenager Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) finds out the truth about his parents (Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello), he has to start running from both the CIA and a Russian terrorist (Michael Nyqvist). This first attempt to try Lautner’s popularity outside the Twilight franchise is an action thriller … Continue reading Abduction

Vantage Point

8 STRANGERS. 8 POINTS OF VIEW. 1 TRUTH.  The U.S. President (William Hurt) is shot during an anti-terrorism summit in Salamanca, Spain… but the perspectives of eight different people on the scene reveal a few surprises. Rashomon (1950) is still a reliable concept – every time we see the assassination attempt from a new angle, … Continue reading Vantage Point

Wall•E: On the Eve of Greatness

AN ADVENTURE BEYOND THE ORDINAR•E. Directors Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter hatched the idea for this film even before Toy Story had finished production back in 1995. After the premiere of Stanton’s Finding Nemo in 2003, the project started in earnest. Wall•E has now become a symbol of the kind of maturity that Pixar has … Continue reading Wall•E: On the Eve of Greatness

Be Kind Rewind

YOU NAME IT, WE SHOOT IT. When Jerry (Jack Black) becomes magnetized in an accident, every tape in his buddy’s (Mos Def) video store is destroyed; the solution could be to offer customers amateur versions of famous movies. Versatile director Michel Gondry delivers a kooky comedy that is decidedly Jack Black-ish. Results are uneven, but pretty … Continue reading Be Kind Rewind

Galaxy Quest

THE SHOW WAS CANCELED… BUT THE ADVENTURE HAS ONLY BEGUN. A group of actors, who once starred on a Star Trek-type TV show, are contacted by real aliens who thought they were watching a documentary and now need the “space travelers’” help against a powerful enemy. A great idea for a movie is at the … Continue reading Galaxy Quest


ONLY THE BEST MURDER CASES MAKE THE SIX O’CLOCK NEWS. Darryll Deaver (William Hurt), a janitor, finds a body at his workplace; when a beautiful reporter (Sigourney Weaver) starts covering the story, Darryll tries to get closer to her. Director Peter Yates reunited with his Breaking Away (1979) writer for a thriller but forgot to … Continue reading Eyewitness


CAUTION: DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD. Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt as a pair of con artists, a treacherous mother-daughter couple? Sure, it works. Even the latter is a good choice for her part as a temptress who longs for independence from her legendary mom. They’re accompanied by Gene Hackman as the red-nosed millionaire who becomes … Continue reading Heartbreakers