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In Harm’s Way

STRIPPED OF EVERYTHING – THEY LIVED AND LOVED AND FOUGHT AS IF THERE WERE NO TOMORROW… After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Navy Captain Rockwell Torrey (John Wayne) is removed from command, but soon finds a chance to prove his mettle again. This may be a WWII epic set in Hawaii, but another From … Continue reading In Harm’s Way

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

TERROR BEYOND IMAGINATION. Two salvage parties, one led by Mike Turner (Michael Caine), the other by Stefan Svevo (Telly Savalas), arrive at the site of the now flipped-over luxury liner Poseidon. The sequel to The Poseidon Adventure (1972) is a dull afterthought that almost looks like a parody of Irwin Allen’s earlier disaster movies, with unconvincing sets and … Continue reading Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

The Howling

IMAGINE YOUR WORST FEAR A REALITY. After a very unpleasant incident, TV reporter Karen White (Dee Wallace) takes some time off and goes to a retreat called “The Colony”… but it’s a place with horrifying secrets. The same year as An American Werewolf in London premiered, Piranha director Joe Dante made this werewolf movie that can be seen as a … Continue reading The Howling

Dr. Strangelove: Bombs Away!

THE HOT-LINE SUSPENSE COMEDY.   When Stanley Kubrick decided to turn Peter George’s Cold War novel “Red Alert” into a movie, he must have thought the material was too outrageous to be taken seriously. He started writing the script, but brought Terry Southern into the procedure to emphasize what might be funny about the doomsday … Continue reading Dr. Strangelove: Bombs Away!