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Magnificent Seven: It Takes a Village

ONCE YOU’VE MET THEM… YOU’LL NEVER FORGET THEM. In 2009, Robert Vaughn released an autobiography that revealed the full extent of the rivalry between Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner on the set of The Magnificent Seven. This is something that Eli Wallach, another co-star, has also written about in his autobiography. According to Vaughn, McQueen, … Continue reading Magnificent Seven: It Takes a Village

The Towering Inferno

ONE TINY SPARK BECOMES A NIGHT OF BLAZING SUSPENSE. Architect Doug Roberts (Paul Newman) arrives at the opening party of a new 138-story building in San Francisco, but parts of it are poorly constructed and when a fire breaks out the party becomes a death trap. Along with The Poseidon Adventure (1972), this is the most cherished disaster … Continue reading The Towering Inferno

Great Escape: Dig Till You Drop

PUT A FENCE IN FRONT OF THESE MEN… AND THEY’LL CLIMB IT… It may be hard to believe that there is a real-life story behind such a classic and typically Hollywood movie as The Great Escape, but there is. In 1943, Australian fighter pilot Paul Brickhill was taken prisoner by the Germans and ended up in … Continue reading Great Escape: Dig Till You Drop

The Thomas Crown Affair

HE WAS YOUNG, HANDSOME, A MILLIONAIRE – AND HE’D JUST PULLED OFF THE PERFECT CRIME! SHE WAS YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL, A SUPER SLEUTH – SENT TO INVESTIGATE IT! Director Norman Jewison’s classic, stylish movie combines the technical pizzazz of the 1960s (we’re treated to excellent split-screen photography and haunting Michel Legrand music) with a feeling for … Continue reading The Thomas Crown Affair

Bullitt: Before There Was Michael Mann

THERE ARE BAD COPS AND THERE ARE GOOD COPS – AND THEN THERE’S BULLITT. Peter Yates hasn’t made a memorable film in ages. But there was indeed a time when he directed a few not-too-shabby movies and Bullitt stands as his crowning achievement, along with The Dresser (1983). It was his breakthrough, and the story goes that it was … Continue reading Bullitt: Before There Was Michael Mann