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Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2017

With an authoritarian man in the White House, it was unavoidable that this year’s Super Bowl ads would be political. There were also plenty of movie and TV trailers, but few of them offered any real surprises; we did learn when the second season of Stranger Things premieres (Halloween), but that was about it.  Let’s take a look … Continue reading Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2017

Raising Arizona

A COMEDY BEYOND BELIEF. After getting hitched, a former career criminal and a police officer (Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter) learn they can’t have kids… and decide to kidnap one of a furniture magnate’s five babies, the ”Arizona Quints”. The director, writers, cinematographer and composer behind Blood Simple. (1984) returned for a comedy that borrows from … Continue reading Raising Arizona

Hail, Caesar!

LIGHTS. CAMERA. ABDUCTION. In 1951, Hollywood fixer Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) juggles a busy life, including trying to find out where the studio’s biggest star (George Clooney) has disappeared… The Coen brothers on familiar turf, with yet another kidnapping and a comedy set half a century ago. The biggest appeal here is how lovingly the … Continue reading Hail, Caesar!

The Big Lebowski

THEY FIGURED HE WAS A LAZY TIME WASTING SLACKER. THEY WERE RIGHT. L.A. slacker Jeffrey Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) goes to see a millionaire who has the same name as him to get compensation after an unfortunate encounter with two thugs, but is drawn into a kidnapping case… The Coen Brothers’ attempt to have a little … Continue reading The Big Lebowski

Inside Llewyn Davies

New York City, 1961; folk singer Llewyn Davies’s (Oscar Isaac) solo album isn’t selling and every night he’s trying to find new gigs and a place to sleep. That’s the situation we find him in, and that’s the situation we’ll leave him in, in this pre-Dylan portrayal of the early ’60s folk scene. The Coen … Continue reading Inside Llewyn Davies

Fargo: A Game Changer for the Coens

A HOMESPUN MURDER STORY.   It’s been said that William H. Macy fought hard for this film. Ethan and Joel Coen were not sure that he was the right guy to play Jerry Lundegaard, a loser who plans to have his wife kidnapped. But Macy knew better. As soon as he had read the script … Continue reading Fargo: A Game Changer for the Coens

True Grit: A Spielberg Moment

PUNISHMENT COMES ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. The original True Grit (1969) is a very good Western, well directed by Henry Hathaway, featuring a script by Marguerite Roberts and a part for John Wayne that finally rendered him an Oscar. Still, the Charles Portis novel that inspired the film is also highly regarded and when the Coen brothers … Continue reading True Grit: A Spielberg Moment

Burn After Reading

INTELLIGENCE IS RELATIVE. When a CIA analyst (John Malkovich) is fired, he decides to write a book… but the consequences are deadly for some of Washington’s dumbest citizens. This is the Coen brothers having a little fun after winning Oscars for No Country for Old Men (2007). Their story about dirty deals and paranoia in the nation’s capital is well … Continue reading Burn After Reading

No Country for Old Men: Blood in the Sand

THERE ARE NO CLEAN GETAWAYS.   When I started reading Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”, it took a while before I was hooked but then I was taken aback by the writer’s way of describing the desolate, bleak future. In this film, which is based on one of McCarthy’s books, cinematographer Roger Deakins captures the stark … Continue reading No Country for Old Men: Blood in the Sand

Intolerable Cruelty

ENGAGE THE ENEMY. The best divorce lawyer (George Clooney) in Los Angeles is hired by a philandering husband, and his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) aims to destroy them both. The Coen brothers reunited with Clooney after O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) for a comedy, and the star pretty much plays this new character the same … Continue reading Intolerable Cruelty

O Brother: Men of Constant Sorrow

THEY HAVE A PLAN, BUT NOT A CLUE.   In Preston Sturges’s classic film Sullivan’s Travels (1942), Joel McCrea’s character, a Hollywood movie director, sets out to experience “the real world” as a way of preparing himself for his next film. He believes that great art can only be created in an atmosphere of social realism, but … Continue reading O Brother: Men of Constant Sorrow