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The Infiltrator

THE TRUE STORY OF ONE MAN AGAINST THE BIGGEST DRUG CARTEL IN HISTORY.  In the 1980s, Customs agent Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) goes undercover as a businessman helping Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar launder money in the U.S. Escobar keeps inspiring new stories long after his death, even about people who weren’t really part of … Continue reading The Infiltrator

Battle of Algiers: Street by Street

THE REVOLT THAT STIRRED THE WORLD! Today, Saadi Yacef is a 90-year-old Algerian Senator. Back in 1954, he was a young man who joined the National Liberation Front, the FLN, a socialist movement that launched the Algerian War against the country’s French occupiers. The movement grew and finally in 1962 France signed the accords that … Continue reading Battle of Algiers: Street by Street

Money Monster

WHO’S IN CONTROL? During a live broadcast of a financial talk show, a distraught young man (Jack O’Connell) takes the host (George Clooney) hostage and blames him for the loss of his savings. After directing episodes of TV shows, Jodie Foster returned to the silver screen with this thriller-drama that’s largely set in a TV … Continue reading Money Monster

Double Indemnity: Film Noir’s Finest

FROM THE MOMENT THEY MET IT WAS MURDER! Double Indemnity came as sort of a relief. After spending a lot of time during my film classes watching the Soviet and Italian classics (which were undeniably an eye-opening experience), I was sort of longing to see something from the place I had fallen in love with … Continue reading Double Indemnity: Film Noir’s Finest


FEAR WHAT’S INSIDE.  When a biology professor’s (Natalie Portman) husband (Oscar Isaac) returns home very ill after a mission inside a mysterious shimmering electromagnetic field, she joins a team of three other scientists into the area… After Ex Machina (2015), Alex Garland reunited with Isaac for another ambitious sci-fi thriller, but this time women take … Continue reading Annihilation

I don’t feel at home in this world anymore.

FOR RUTH, THE LAST STRAW WAS A SPOON.  Nursing assistent Ruth Kimke (Melanie Lynskey) discovers that someone has broken into her home and enlists the help of an eccentric neighbor (Elijah Wood) to track down her stolen laptop. The director’s debut is a very entertaining thriller-comedy that finds a perfect vehicle for Lynskey who’s funny … Continue reading I don’t feel at home in this world anymore.

Night of the Hunter: John, Pearl and the Big Bad Wolf

THE SCENES… THE STORY… THE STARS. BUT ABOVE ALL – THE SUSPENSE! Charles Laughton had never directed a movie before. Sure, he was an acclaimed actor and had won an Oscar; he had also directed plays on Broadway, so the leap wasn’t that enormous. Some of those plays were produced by Paul Gregory and when … Continue reading Night of the Hunter: John, Pearl and the Big Bad Wolf