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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

STAY PECULIAR.  16-year-old Jake Portman (Asa Butterfield) goes to Wales together with his father to look for a mysterious orphanage that his granddad (Terence Stamp) told fanciful stories about from World War II… Tim Burton is the right person to make a movie out of Ransom Riggs’s imaginative novel, a fairy tale about a place … Continue reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Martin Landau 1928-2017

In the clip above, film historian Neal Gabler talks to Martin Landau in 2008. The actor does a great impression of Woody Allen and talks about the ambiguous sexuality of his character in North by Northwest (1959). Which obviously gives Landau a reason to imitate Alfred Hitchcock as well. We lost Martin Landau two days ago … Continue reading Martin Landau 1928-2017

Christopher Lee: The King of Monsters

In the clip above, Sir Christopher Lee shows us his immense talent for languages – apart from some German, he also knew a bit of Swedish and Russian, among other languages. We lost a great man this week. The death of Lee was announced last Thursday, four days after it happened. When every family member … Continue reading Christopher Lee: The King of Monsters

San Francisco in Films and on TV

Every time I vacation in a major city I feel a need to buy a book that tries to capture either its soul or history. If I’m fortunate, the book does both. When I was in San Francisco last fall, I bought “A Crack in the Edge of the World” by Simon Winchester. I expected this … Continue reading San Francisco in Films and on TV

Big Eyes

SHE CREATED IT. HE SOLD IT. AND THEY BOUGHT IT.  In 1950s San Francisco, aspiring artist Margaret Ulbrich (Amy Adams) meets another painter, Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz), and marries him; he soon becomes wildly famous for his paintings of children with big eyes… but Margaret is actually behind them. A longtime collector of Keane’s work, … Continue reading Big Eyes

Mia Wasikowska at 25

Congratulations to Mia Wasikowska who turns 25 years old tomorrow. She’s still at that stage where we as an audience are following her journey to stardom. Wasikowska broke through four years ago in Alice in Wonderland, the Tim Burton hit, where she played the titular character. She also had a role in The Kids Are All Right (2010), … Continue reading Mia Wasikowska at 25

Johnny Depp – Please Have a Creative Crisis

It happens now and then that you get an idea for a blog entry or article… and then you learn that someone else has been thinking the same. Well, this time I won’t give in. I will write an entry about Johnny Depp, even though Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly has already expressed most of … Continue reading Johnny Depp – Please Have a Creative Crisis

Dark Shadows

EVERY FAMILY HAS ITS DEMONS. In 1972, a vampire (Johnny Depp) is accidentally freed from his buried coffin and returns to his Maine family mansion; a lot has changed in 200 years, but the witch who turned him into a bloodsucker is still around. A very Tim Burton-esque adaptation of the classic 1966-1971 horror soap, … Continue reading Dark Shadows

A Standing Ovation for Michelle Pfeiffer, 55

Michelle Pfeiffer is 55 years old today and deserves a standing ovation. After training to be a court stenographer, she decided to be an actor. Her looks earned her forgettable parts (she was simply called “the bombshell” in one episode of Delta House, according to Hello! Magazine), but then she got hired for Scarface (1983). That opened … Continue reading A Standing Ovation for Michelle Pfeiffer, 55


When young Victor Frankenstein loses his best friend, Sparky the dog, in an accident, he successfully brings the animal back to life in a thunderstorm. Tim Burton’s remake of the 1984 short that got him fired from Disney is a fast-paced stop-motion adventure in 3D that has the balls to also be in black-and-white. An … Continue reading Frankenweenie

Alice in Wonderland

YOU’RE INVITED TO A VERY IMPORTANT DATE 3/5/10. 19-year-old Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) is being set up to marry a dull English nobleman, but is rescued by falling into a hole in the ground that takes her to a bizarre place called Underland. Lewis Carroll’s books are fused into one story in Tim Burton’s hands and … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland

Edward Scissorhands: Cutting Up Suburbia

His story will touch you, even though he can’t.   Tim Burton says this is the best movie he’s made. Danny Elfman says his score for this film is the best he’s written. Clearly, they have strong feelings for Edward Scissorhands. Burton came up with the idea for the film as a lonely teenager, but when … Continue reading Edward Scissorhands: Cutting Up Suburbia

Beetle Juice

THE NAME IN LAUGHTER FROM THE HEREAFTER.   The recently deceased Maitlands (Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis) find it difficult to scare off an unpleasant family that’s moved into their house; maybe a ghost that exorcises people is the answer? Director Tim Burton’s second film became his breakthrough and his knack for mixing up comedy with darker … Continue reading Beetle Juice