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All the Way

POLITICS IS WAR. Shortly after swearing the oath in November 1963, President Lyndon B. Johnson (Bryan Cranston) begins the struggle to get the Civil Rights Act passed, trying to please both Dixiecrats and African-American voters. Recount and Game Change director Jay Roach was the right person to bring the successful play to television. In spite … Continue reading All the Way


IT ONLY TAKES ONE VOICE TO CHANGE HISTORY. In 1991, President Bush nominates Clarence Thomas (Wendell Pierce) for the Supreme Court, but a law professor (Kerry Washington) steps forward, claiming that Thomas sexually harassed her. The Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas controversy is an epic he said-she said story where we still don’t know which one of … Continue reading Confirmation

Woodrow Wilson 100 Years Ago

I’ve just finished reading “Wilson”, A. Scott Berg’s biography of the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. A life-long dream of Berg’s, the ambition was not to create a biography that ran several volumes, but a “page-turner”. I believe that he succeeded. After having read the 700-page tome, I feel somewhat exhausted but … Continue reading Woodrow Wilson 100 Years Ago

Where to Invade Next

PREPARE TO BE LIBERATED. The director’s Sicko (2007) explored the problems with the American healthcare system and looked abroad to see how differently other countries took care of their people. This documentary continues in the same way, with Michael Moore leading a military-style charge toward Europe and North Africa, “invading” countries like Norway, Tunisia, Germany, … Continue reading Where to Invade Next

All the King’s Men: A Populist Menace

HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN A PRETTY GOOD GUY… IF TOO MUCH POWER… AND WOMEN… HADN’T GONE TO HIS HEAD! In other reviews I’ve previously used the example of John Wayne at his most reactionary. Well, this is no exception. He was considered for the lead role in this movie but was so offended by the script … Continue reading All the King’s Men: A Populist Menace

Best of Enemies: The Original Crossfire

BUCKLEY VS. VIDAL. 2 MEN. 10 DEBATES. TELEVISION WOULD NEVER BE THE SAME. I’m writing this review in the midst of Donald Trump’s campaign for the U.S. presidency. What started as an empty circus act, cherished by angry rightwing voters who feel left out, has turned into something threatening. Not once through his nasty campaign … Continue reading Best of Enemies: The Original Crossfire

Washington’s Presidency on TV

I recently finished reading “Washington’s Circle: The Creation of the President”, an engrossing chronicle of George Washington’s two terms as the first president of the United States. Written by David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler, the book follows not only Washington but those who mattered the most to him as president during those years, … Continue reading Washington’s Presidency on TV

Show Me a Hero: American Skin

HOW DOES A POLITICIAN KNOW HE’S DOING THE RIGHT THING? WE MAKE HIM PAY. This miniseries is not like binge-watching a new season of House of Cards. It takes some effort. A co-worker of mine saw the first episode and gave up, but that’s normal. No one wants to see more after the first episode. … Continue reading Show Me a Hero: American Skin

10 Hollywood Icons and Their Political Awakening

A few days ago, I finished Steven J. Ross’s book “Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics”, where the writer has profiled the political careers of ten liberal and conservative Hollywood figures. He chose his subjects well, because they differ a lot from each other. Some of them were movement politicians, meaning they … Continue reading 10 Hollywood Icons and Their Political Awakening

Teddy Roosevelt in the Movies: Bear Hunter, and Wax Doll

A sucker for presidential biographies, I’m about to finish Kathleen Dalton’s excellent book “Theodore Roosevelt: A Strenuous Life”. Much beloved by the public, Roosevelt constantly ranks as one of the most popular U.S. presidents ever. His accomplishments in life are impressive. Born into a wealthy and prominent New York family, young Teddy received a good education … Continue reading Teddy Roosevelt in the Movies: Bear Hunter, and Wax Doll

The Case Against 8

BATTLES ARE WON BECAUSE THEY ARE FOUGHT. In 2008, California voters said yes to Proposition 8, which denied the gay citizens of the state marriage; two years later, the decision was deemed unconstitutional by a federal court, which was eventually upheld by the Supreme Court. This documentary chronicles the hard work behind this tremendous success, … Continue reading The Case Against 8

Andrew Jackson in Movies

I recently finished “American Lion”, a book by Jon Meacham about Andrew Jackson’s White House years, and found it riveting. Jackson was the seventh President of the United States and Meacham really takes us to the calamity of Washington in those days, going through every crisis of Jackson’s tenure and making it clear to us just … Continue reading Andrew Jackson in Movies