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Martin Landau 1928-2017

In the clip above, film historian Neal Gabler talks to Martin Landau in 2008. The actor does a great impression of Woody Allen and talks about the ambiguous sexuality of his character in North by Northwest (1959). Which obviously gives Landau a reason to imitate Alfred Hitchcock as well. We lost Martin Landau two days ago … Continue reading Martin Landau 1928-2017

Stardust Memories

Famous film director Sandy Bates (Woody Allen) is attending a retrospective of his work, while also recalling the women who inspired him over the years. A lot of people saw a lot of Woody in the director who’s constantly tormented by fans who consider his earlier, funnier movies better than the ones he’s making now. … Continue reading Stardust Memories

Café Society

ANYONE WHO IS ANYONE WILL BE SEEN AT CAFÉ SOCIETY. In the 1930s, Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) moves to Hollywood where his powerful uncle (Steve Carell) gives him a job at his agency; he falls in love with a secretary (Kristen Stewart), without realizing that she’s having an affair with his uncle. A pleasant but … Continue reading Café Society

Manhattan: Rhapsody in Black and White

After finishing Manhattan, Woody Allen was desperately unhappy with the results. It went so far that Allen begged United Artists not to release it, offering to make another movie for free as long as Manhattan didn’t see the light of day. Fortunately, the studio refused the offer and released what has become one of the … Continue reading Manhattan: Rhapsody in Black and White

Gene Wilder Created Comedy Gold

As we learned yesterday that Gene Wilder had passed away at the age of 83, we were also told that he died due to complications of Alzheimer’s. He was diagnosed only three years ago, which incidentally is also the time when the interview above took place. He’s talking about all the great movies he made … Continue reading Gene Wilder Created Comedy Gold

Radio Days

One of Woody Allen’s most nostalgic features is a comedy-drama that takes us back to his childhood before and during World War II when radio was in the middle of its golden age. It’s a fictitious story but filled with the music and impressions that were part of the director’s New York City upbringing. Some … Continue reading Radio Days

A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy

SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF LOVE. In the early 1900s, an inventor (Woody Allen) and his wife (Mary Steenburgen) invite two other couples for a weekend in the country. The director’s admiration for Ingmar Bergman wasn’t limited to earnest dramas, but showed in comedies as well. This enjoyable but slight exercise was inspired by Smiles … Continue reading A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy

Woody Allen Survives Another Farrow Attack

Sometimes I feel envious of those journalists who get to fly to Cannes and attend the film festival, enjoy the weather, meet celebrities and watch a lot of good movies. And sometimes I’m reminded of the machinery behind the scenes that puts restrictions on those journalists and prevents them from asking interesting questions. This fact was … Continue reading Woody Allen Survives Another Farrow Attack

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)

YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU’VE SEEN EVERYTHING.  Woody Allen’s parody of David Reuben’s popular 1960s sex manual is divided into seven vignettes with wildly different themes, featuring among other things Allen as a court jester trying to open a chastity belt, a doctor (Gene Wilder) falling in love with Daisy the sheep, a game … Continue reading Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Hannah and Her Sisters: Saved by the Marx Bros

There’s every reason for Mia Farrow not to enjoy watching this movie. Some of it was shot in her actual apartment, and she has talked about the creepy effect of sitting in one’s apartment flipping through channels and finding a movie that takes place exactly where you’re sitting. Then there’s also the fact that her … Continue reading Hannah and Her Sisters: Saved by the Marx Bros

Annie Hall: This Is 40

A NERVOUS ROMANCE.  In the film’s first scene, Woody Allen as Alvy Singer addresses his audience, letting us know that he recently turned 40 and that this landmark event has brought on a life crisis. It wasn’t really planned, but I happened to watch this movie for the first time in many years at exactly … Continue reading Annie Hall: This Is 40

The Shot That Gave Vilmos Zsigmond an Oscar

A week ago, we lost Haskell Wexler. On January 1, Vilmos Zsigmond died at the age of 85. In a very short time, Hollywood has lost two of its most influential cinematographers. In the clip above, Zsigmond visits the Toronto film festival back in 2014 to talk about his career. Born in Hungary, Zsigmond became a … Continue reading The Shot That Gave Vilmos Zsigmond an Oscar

Woody Allen at 80

Today, Woody Allen turns 80 years old. There is every reason to congratulate this outstanding director even though he’s far from at the top of his game right now. Allen remains incredibly prolific, turning out a new movie every year. Once a year, we take our seat in a movie theater hoping to be dazzled … Continue reading Woody Allen at 80