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Legends of the Fall

THE MEN OF THE LUDLOW FAMILY. A WOMAN’S GRACE BROUGHT THEM TOGETHER. THEN HER PASSION TORE THEM APART.  At the start of World War I, retired colonel William Ludlow’s (Anthony Hopkins) three sons all go against his wishes and join the Canadian Expeditionary Force to fight the Germans in Europe… A handsomely produced epic that … Continue reading Legends of the Fall

The African Queen: Romance on the River

THE GREATEST ADVENTURE A MAN EVER LIVED… WITH A WOMAN! Katharine Hepburn suffered for the sake of art. There she was, in Uganda and the Congo, shooting John Huston’s new movie together with Humphrey Bogart and his wife Lauren Bacall, whom she had become friends with. The African Queen opens with an amusing scene where … Continue reading The African Queen: Romance on the River

Woodrow Wilson 100 Years Ago

I’ve just finished reading “Wilson”, A. Scott Berg’s biography of the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. A life-long dream of Berg’s, the ambition was not to create a biography that ran several volumes, but a “page-turner”. I believe that he succeeded. After having read the 700-page tome, I feel somewhat exhausted but … Continue reading Woodrow Wilson 100 Years Ago

Downton Abbey: An Empire in Change

I’ve lost count of how many times various actors have come to my country to promote a new season of Downton Abbey. Because of the sprawling size of the cast it hasn’t always been the biggest names. But each cast member has become like family, especially to the viewers, and to a large extent each … Continue reading Downton Abbey: An Empire in Change

Joyeux Noël: One Night of Peace

WITHOUT AN ENEMY THERE CAN BE NO WAR.  2015 has in many ways been an awful year, with heinous terrorist acts, a never-ending war in Syria, a refugee crisis in Europe, and a resurgent far-right movement visible not only on that continent but also in the U.S. Republican primaries. This planet needs a big hug… … Continue reading Joyeux Noël: One Night of Peace

Dead Wake: Lusitania and the Movies

If you’ve never read anything by Erik Larson, it is high time. I recently finished his latest, “Dead Wake”, and was as thrilled by it as the other books by him that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. The first, “The Devil in the White City” (film rights sold to Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010) followed … Continue reading Dead Wake: Lusitania and the Movies

6 Essential World War I Films

In 2010, Peter Jackson delivered a list to Total Film of his six favorite WWI movies. Gallipoli (1981) was one of them and Jackson wrote the following: The film has some historic flaws – the climatic Lighthorse charge on the Nek at Gallipoli on August 1915 was not doomed because the ‘British were drinking tea on … Continue reading 6 Essential World War I Films

All Quiet on the Western Front: Trauma in the Trenches

AT LAST… THE MOTION PICTURE! The first talkie to win a Best Picture Oscar portrays the Great War nine years before it would have its even more devastating round two. When the film premiered in Germany, three years before Adolf Hitler rose to power, Nazis (led by Joseph Goebbels) disrupted screenings, outraged that the film … Continue reading All Quiet on the Western Front: Trauma in the Trenches

A Farewell to Arms

EVERY WOMAN WHO HAS EVER LOVED WILL UNDERSTAND.   This type of 1930s screen romance, shot in soft-focus light, is classic Frank Borzage – lightweight, conventional, pretty to look at and melodramatic. Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes are well chosen for the parts of the ambulance driver and the nurse who meet in an Italian … Continue reading A Farewell to Arms

The Razor’s Edge

HUNGER NO LOVE… WOMAN… OR WEALTH COULD SATISFY!   In 1919, WWI veteran Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power) comes to a party in Chicago and tells his fiancé (Gene Tierney) that he intends to go to Paris and just loaf around; she’s far from thrilled. The first adaptation of a novel famed for having introduced Eastern … Continue reading The Razor’s Edge