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Resident Evil: Retribution

EVIL GOES GLOBAL.  Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up and finds herself a prisoner inside a facility deep underwater; with help from a former Umbrella agent, she needs to get in touch with a rescue team on the surface. The fifth film in the series is an improvement on the last three entries, thanks to its … Continue reading Resident Evil: Retribution


A zombie pandemic is raging through the country and Wade Vogel (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is trying to protect his teenage daughter (Abigail Breslin), who’s been bitten, for as long as he can. An intriguing low-budget project for a star like Schwarzenegger who’s taken on one of his greatest acting challenges. His performance is low-key and perfectly … Continue reading Maggie

George A. Romero, a Voice in Gamergate

In the clip above, George A. Romero appears in 2013 to talk in front of students about Night of the Living Dead (1968) and his process as a filmmaker. Today, the director turns 75 years old. It’s a very revealing interview where we learn that Romero never really expected this standing as the godfather of zombie movies; … Continue reading George A. Romero, a Voice in Gamergate

The Year of the Zombie

Remember how we used to love superheroes last year? We had the brilliant final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, the surprisingly well-crafted Amazing Spider-Man and the ultimate gathering of all, The Avengers. 2013 looked promising, with the return of Iron Man in that franchise’s third chapter, and Superman in Zack Snyder’s heavily anticipated Man … Continue reading The Year of the Zombie

Warm Bodies

HE’S STILL DEAD BUT HE’S GETTING WARMER.  After a zombie apocalypse, R (Nicholas Hoult) spends his days at a deserted airport, stumbling around and looking for brains to eat… but he falls in love with a human resistance fighter (Teresa Palmer). An adorable zombie version of “Romeo and Juliet” that paints the walking dead as … Continue reading Warm Bodies

The Serpent and the Rainbow

DON’T BURY ME… I’M NOT DEAD! Anthropologist Dennis Alan (Bill Pullman) goes to Haiti to find a drug that allegedly caused a person to rise from the dead. An unusual film by Wes Craven, not a horror outing but a thriller based on real events where drug-induced hallucinations take on frightening shapes. The classic horror … Continue reading The Serpent and the Rainbow

Sucker Punch

YOU WILL BE UNPREPARED. In the 1960s, Babydoll (Emily Browning) is put in a mental asylum by her wicked stepdad where she enters an imaginary world and  gets to know four dancers in a brothel; together, they battle monsters and German zombies. In director Zack Snyder’s world, this is girl power on full display. To … Continue reading Sucker Punch